Bad Weather Procedures

Wherever possible Southbroom Infant School will always try and stay open even in bad weather. Sometimes though it may be necessary because of poor weather conditions or for other reasons to close the school.

If school has to close or have a later start time (sometimes this gives time for roads to clear) then we always send a Schoop message and by broadcasting a message on local radio stations & their websites at the start of the day.

These are:

  • Heart Radio/GWR FM: 97.2 and 102.2 FM
  • BBC Radio Wiltshire: 103.5, 104.3 and DAB
  • BBC Radio website

As well as Schoop, a message will also be posted on the school website and on our Twitter feed.

Radio messages will only ever declare school closure and Schoop and Twitter messages will only be sent if the school will be closed.